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“Steve Siebold’s Mental Toughness University program has opened my mind to a whole new approach to increasing sales, enhancing customer service, and dramatically improving our bottom line. As an organization, this of course has forced us to take a serious look at our criteria for hiring new people. Mental Toughness is quickly becoming an organizational focal point for the entire employee selection and training process. Our sales reps are focused, more confident, and more emotionally resilient as a result of this training. Reps that used to be intimidated by their doctor customers are no longer afraid. Some of them used to sulk in the coffee shop after a bad call...now they laugh it off and make another call. This process has changed the way they see the sales process. Bottom line: Our reps are getting tough and our market share is growing.

In my 25 years at Ortho-McNeil/Johnson & Johnson, I’ve hired a lot of speakers, trainers, and consultants, and gone through a ton of training programs. I have never seen a process this powerful and this effective. It’s a new approach for a tougher, more stressful, more competitive marketplace.

In my opinion, Mental Toughness University picks up where all the other programs leave off. Steve Siebold and his course are the real deal.

Lou Wood
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical

"Steve Siebold is a dynamic and motivating speaker who brings real world insight to the area of Mental Toughness and it's relationship to performance. I highly recommend him!"
Loren Sheffer

"I have benefited from many workshops throughout my career but none have come close to the value I received in your workshop"
Leon Rawitz
Kreepy Krauly USA

"Steve Siebold's seminar was extremely beneficial and has given us a new perspective and approach to developing the people we work with every day"
Kevin Sreenan

"Steve Siebold is an entertaining, enlightening speaker who knows mental toughness…and knows how to teach it"
Larry Wilson
Founder/Wilson Learning

"I have attended lots of seminars over the past 15 years and I feel that Steve Siebold's Mental Toughness workshop was one of the best. I gained something from the workshop that I've been looking for all of my life. Siebold is highly entertaining and motivating"
Tom Turner
Turner Enterprises

"Our event was a big success, and Steve Siebold was one of the reasons. He's not only an excellent speaker, but he was flexible, easy to work with, and he tailored his presentation to Engage and it's challenges"
John Carroll
Engage Media/CMGI

"Siebold's tiger mentality program was excellent. I have no doubt the training techniques we learned will help our consulting staff both personally and professionally"
John Baird, Ph.D.
Baird Consulting Corporation

"Steve Siebold is one of the fastest rising speakers in the country. His ideas on peak performance pick up where other speakers leave off…because he speaks from real world experience"
Bill Gove, CSP, CPAE
First President
National Speakers Association

"Steve Siebold is a great speaker…which is not surprising since he was personally mentored by the father of professional speaking. His expertise in mental toughness is equal to his ability to entertain an audience"
Bob Proctor
You Were Born Rich


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